Help keep Portland awesome! Apply for a grant today!

 Applications go through the main Awesome Foundation site. Please be clear and specific about what you’ll use the money for and why it will make Portland more awesome. You can even include images to demonstrate the project. Apply now and be sure to select that this is for the Portland chapter!

Some Rough Guidelines

Successful grants tend to target at least some of these areas!

Happiness and humor: Does it make people smile? Will it make us laugh?

Innovation: Is it a totally new idea?

Staying power: Will it stick around after the money is gone?

Environmental impact: Needless waste is not awesome.

Niceness: Does it help people?

Bigness: Is there potential to reach a lot of people?

Value: Will the Foundation get good bang for its buck?

Local: How will this help the city of Portland?

We Don’t Typically Fund:

Personal use: We think you’re really awesome, but we’re probably not going to just give you $1,000 for a car/vacation/rent payment/home repair/pony… unless it’s the crucial component of a bigger project that also benefits others!

Charities and foundations: We’re primarily interested in funding projects or new ventures and not the continuation of an existing organization. If your organization still wants to apply, think of a specific, creative $1,000 project that our money could go directly towards!

Vague causes: That is to say, the more specific you are in your application about what you’ll use the money for and why, the more likely we are to fund it!

Good luck!