Portland (Officially) Becomes Awesome!
Portland is awesome. We want the artists, the leaders, and the
dreamers of our great city to prove it. And we’ll be regularly giving
away $1000 grants to help make that happen.

We want to fund projects that make Portland better. We encourage
creative and community building ideas that will enhance our fair
city. Think technology, arts, social good, and beyond! Check out these
examples of past funded projects by other chapters.

The Awesome Foundation isn’t your average foundation. We’re not a
charity and we’re not trying to make a profit. Awesome Portland’s board
of trustees
are a group of diverse locals ready to open our own wallets to
make a positive impact in Portland and promote its awesomeness.

If you’ve got an idea and you need some support to take your initiative
to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Learn More or Apply.

Mayor Adams made April 26 Awesome Day. View a PDF of the official proclamation. It has a fancy gold stamp, so it must be true.

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